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The Himalayas and Nearby Peaks have Lost No Ice in Past 10 Years, Study Shows

Meltwater from Asia’s peaks is much less than previously estimated, but lead scientist says the loss of ice caps and glaciers around the world remains a serious concern By Damian Carrington The world’s greatest snow-capped peaks, which run in a chain from the Himalayas to Tian Shan on the border of China and Kyrgyzstan, have […]

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Durban: Wild ambit fails, but money flows. “Landmark” non legal something-arother agreed to.

By Jo Nova Good news. The talented strategists left the UNFCCC team before COP17 in Durban. The A-graders saw the trainwreck coming and moved on. Everyone knows it’s a herculean task to get 190-odd countries to sign anything, and with a typical pragmatical approach the UN drafting team have gone for … not just a […]

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Climate Skeptics Parachute into Climate Conference City Waving Climategate 2.0 Banners

From the Blaze On Tuesday, a skydiving team from the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) parachuted down on Toti beach, near the city where the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is taking place. The skydivers carried two signs, one reading “Climategate 2.0 Science Not […]

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UN Urged To Control the Weather! Leaders call on UN to ‘find solutions’ to extreme weather or ‘life as we know it will come to an end’

Climate Depot’s Report from Durban, South Africa UN Global Warming Conference – UN Goes Full Climate Astrology By Marc Morano DURBAN, South Africa – The South African media and government leaders are borrowing a page from medieval witchcraft when it comes to the science of man-made global warming. South African President Jacob Zuma literally believes […]

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Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn’t fit their apocalyptic global warming

5,000 leaked emails reveal scientists deleted evidence that cast doubt on claims climate change was man-made Experts were under orders from US and UK officials to come up with a ‘strong message’ Critics claim: ‘The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering’ Scientist asks, ‘What if they find that climate change is a natural fluctuation? They’ll […]

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Global Warming Showdown: And Skeptics are Winning

U.N. prepares for urgent battle to extract $100 billion from U.S. By Michael F. Haverluck The U.S. and other developed nations are reconsidering their commitments to fight global warming before the upcoming 17th Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa. The United Nations wants representatives of world governments and international organizations to advance its agenda […]

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Protestors Greet Global Warming Author in Minneapolis

By Cory Kampschroer A small group of demonstrators was on hand in Minneapolis today for the arrival of a global warming author and speaker. Dr. Michael Mann spoke Wednesday at the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Mann is a physicist and climatologist and is best known as one of […]

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Welcoming Committee Greets “Hide the Decline” Climate Warmist Michael Mann

Creator of discredited “hockey stick” chart caused US, world much harm, say demonstrators Dr. Michael Mann was welcomed to Minneapolis today by a group of demonstrators who blame Dr. Mann’s research and publications for damage to the US and world economies and fostering distrust in scientists. The demonstrators believe Mann’s oft-referenced work to prove anthropogenic […]

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Mann Acts

Dr. Michael Mann seeks the help of other Climategate players to prevent access to his University of Virginia emails. By Paul Chesser Dr. Michael Mann, who under a lesser title at University of Virginia created the famed “hockey stick” chart of 20th-century temperature escalations while leveling the Medieval Warm Period, has enlisted a Climategate Cavalcade […]

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New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

By James M. Taylor NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than […]

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University of Virgina agrees to complete response to global warming public records request by August

By Rosalind S. Helderman The University of Virginia and a conservative advocacy group have agreed the university will turn over documents in response to a public information request by the group seeking documents related to the work of a former university climate scientist. U-Va. will comply with the request by Aug. 22. The American Tradition […]

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Global Warming Alarmists Flip-Flop On Snowfall

By James Taylor Sitting in on a March 1 Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) press conference regarding global warming and heavy snowfalls, I couldn’t help feeling like the chairman of the Senate committee questioning mafia capo Frank Pentangeli in Godfather II. The chairman, listening incredulously as Pentangeli contradicts a sworn written statement he had earlier […]

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Warmists: ‘We can’t win the game, so let’s change the rules’

By James Delingpole Willis Eschenbach’s recent guest post at Watts Up With That? on the current state of ‘Climate science’ should be made compulsory reading in every classroom, every university science department, every eco-charity, every environmental NGO and in every branch of government. They won’t like it up ‘em, that’s for sure. What Eschenbach says […]

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