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The Green Swindle

On August 27, 2010, Sean Hannity aired a special program called “The Green Swindle” that should be a “must see” for everyone concerned about global warming hysteria.  The 42-minute program explains the history of global warming and who stands to profit from all the hype.

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The Climategate email App

If you have ever wondered how real scientists perform their day to day work, or how your tax money is spent on Climate research, then Climategate is the App for you. Every CRU email leaked in the so-called Climategate scandal always at the ready on your iPhone. This self-contained, searchable app is available free of […]

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Filmmaker James Cameron Backs Out of Global Warming Debate HE Organized

By Noel Sheppard Multi-millionaire filmmaker James Cameron on Sunday backed out of a global warming debate that he asked for and organized. For those that haven’t been following the recent goings on concerning Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s favorite money-making myth, an environmental summit was held this weekend in Aspen, Colorado, called AREDAY, which is short […]

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The Death of Cap and Tax

Harry Reid’s latest energy bill is designed not to pass Wall Street Journal Editorial President Obama’s undeniable success in passing liberal legislation hasn’t translated into greater popularity for himself or the Democratic Congress. So perhaps he’ll get a bump in the polls now that he’s suffered his first setback on one of his signature promises.We […]

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