Joe Biden

Biden Doesn’t Know if he Declared a “Climate Emergency” or Not

By Jazz Shaw, Hot Air –

Yesterday, Karen discussed Joe Biden’s odd interview with The Weather Channel where he appeared to claim that he had declared a “climate emergency” to combat climate change. (That was the same interview where he came very close to copping a feel on reporter Stephanie Abrams’ chest.) She correctly noted that there didn’t seem to be any sort of official declaration on the White House website or anywhere else, for that matter. This claim caught the attention of some of the most normally complacent news outlets. Even Politico took up the question, likely because of the disastrous implications such a declaration would carry. When pressed as to whether he had really done such a thing, Biden seemed a bit put off, but said, “Practically speaking, yes.” But as Politico politely points out, “he actually hasn’t.”

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Global Climate Scam editor, Dan McGrath is the author of The Voter Fraud Manual.

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