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Warmest Temperatures In 4,000 Years? Not So Fast, Global Warming Alarmists

By James Taylor The mainstream media are reporting in breathless fashion about a new paper claiming current temperatures are their warmest in 4,000 years. Already, however, objective scientists are reporting serious flaws in the paper. The media may wish to paint a picture of runaway global warming, but the science tells a completely different story. […]

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Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret

Producing and charging electric cars means heavy carbon-dioxide emissions. By: Bjorn Lomborg Electric cars are promoted as the chic harbinger of an environmentally benign future. Ads assure us of “zero emissions,” and President Obama has promised a million on the road by 2015. With sales for 2012 coming in at about 50,000, that million-car figure […]

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McCarthy "Wholly Unqualified to serve as EPA Administrator, CEI Says

Nominee Has Misled on Major Regulations and Is Implicated in Email Scandal By Competitive Enterprise Institute Gina McCarthy has decades of experience as an environmental bureaucrat, but a number of factors make her wholly unqualified to serve as EPA Administrator, say experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. President Barack Obama nominated McCarthy on Monday to […]

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