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North Dakota Suing Minnesota Over Alleged Interstate Commerce Infringements.

From Plains Daily North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is announcing a lawsuit against the State of Minnesota over the latter state’s restrictions on using power from coal plants, among other sources. “It is unfortunate it has come to this. As Minnesota seeks to rebuild its economy, it will need energy,” said Stenehjem in a […]

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EU carbon credits scheme tarnished by alleged murders in Honduras

Calls for Honduran credits to be thrown out of ETS following alleged killings, while consultation process goes under review By Arthur Neslen The reported killing of 23 Honduran farmers in a dispute with the owners of UN-accredited palm oil plantations has called into question the integrity of the EU’s emission trading scheme (ETS), as carbon […]

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In Scramble for Land, Group Says, Company Pushed Ugandans Out

[Carbon Credits Kill, Destroy] More than 20,000 people were expelled from their homes. By Josh Kron According to the company’s proposal to join a United Nations clean-air program, the settlers living in this area left in a “peaceful” and “voluntary” manner.People here remember it quite differently. “I heard people being beaten, so I ran outside,” […]

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Sun Causes Climate Change Shock

By James Delingpole If Michael Crichton had lived to write a follow-up to State of Fear, the plotline might well have gone like this: at a top secret, state of the art laboratory in Switzerland, scientists finally discover the true cause of “global warming”. It’s the sun, stupid. More specifically – as the Danish physicist […]

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EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Human sardines Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years. By Bruno Waterfield The European Commission on Monday unveiled a “single European transport area” aimed at enforcing “a profound shift in transport patterns […]

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Whose Clean Energy Standards?

By Paul Chesser Living in a home with four kids and two dogs, one child’s “clean” can mean “unacceptable” to an adult — think barely visible shower scum or machine-washed plates without phosphates. And necessary energy levels and types mean different things to different people: A back-to-nature maiden who practices what she preaches needs much […]

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Australia: New Poll: More Skeptics than Ever and yet the Carbon Tax is Coming

By Jo Nova The good news is that skeptics are the majority, the bad news is that we’ll all have to pay the tax anyway. The IPA commissioned a Galaxy Poll in Australia and only one third of Australians believe that man-made global warming is real. Despite the advertising, the propaganda, the Nobel Prizes, the […]

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UN IPCC Official Admits 'We Redistribute World's Wealth by Climate Policy

By Noel Sheppard If you needed any more evidence that the entire theory of manmade global warming was a scheme to redistribute wealth you got it Sunday when a leading member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told a German news outlet, “[W]e redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.” […]

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If Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Suffers Total Failure, Does the MSM Make a Sound?

The CCX was the topic of thousands of MSM articles over the years, but not a single article reported their recent demise. Hmmm. By Steve Milloy Global warming-inspired cap and trade has been one of the most stridently debated public policy controversies of the past 15 years. But it is dying a quiet death. In […]

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Binding climate change deal is impossible after Barack Obama's election defeat, says John Prescott

Barack Obama’s setback in the US mid-term elections has killed of any hope of securing a legally binding global climate change deal, John Prescott has said From the London Telegraph Negotiators should ditch hopes of enforcable targets on emmissions reductions and push instead for a voluntary framework at the upcoming Cancun summit, the former deputy […]

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The Environmental Movement in Retreat

By George F. Will The collapsing crusade for legislation to combat climate change raises a question: Has ever a political movement made so little of so many advantages? Its implosion has continued since “the Cluster of Copenhagen, when world leaders assembled for the single most unproductive and chaotic global gathering ever held.” So says Walter […]

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The Death of Cap and Tax

Harry Reid’s latest energy bill is designed not to pass Wall Street Journal Editorial President Obama’s undeniable success in passing liberal legislation hasn’t translated into greater popularity for himself or the Democratic Congress. So perhaps he’ll get a bump in the polls now that he’s suffered his first setback on one of his signature promises.We […]

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