‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’ To Save Earth, But Not Mankind, From Global Warming

Stone-Age-WarmersMankind is doomed unless we immediately de-industrialize and slash carbon dioxide emissions, according to Guy McPherson, emeritus professor from the University of Arizona.

McPherson appeared on Paul Henry’s New Zealand-based talk program to warn that global warming was “irreversible” and the only way to stop it is to “terminate industrial civilization” — basically go back to living in huts with no electricity or running water.

“I think there’s ample chance we can save the living planet, but not our species… Some people think that this whole thing is about us,” McPherson told the Paul Henry Show. “We just showed up… I don’t think this is about us, I think it’s about the living planet.”

“The only way to stop runaway climate change is to terminate industrial civilization,” he said. “The evidence is clear on that front and it is in the refereed journal literature.”
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  • Dan

    > Mankind is doomed unless we immediately de-industrialize and slash carbon dioxide
    > emissions


    Mankind is unfair and unless we immediately put an end to people making their own decisions and building their own businesses then a fair government can’t come in to make life fair for all people regardless of the amount of effort one expends.

    • joeb

      I’ll give you an even better translation:

      “I am a socialist nutcase, and I think I can control an entire planet by making laws that it will obey”

  • David Lawrence

    If there is a God and he created the universe then surely he can control it if he wants to. If he also created mankind and gave them the choice to be obedient or f*** up then he also knows that. And we f***ed up and did our own thing and now God has to sort us out – saved or unsaved.. So, God let’s mankind do what it wants until the day when he says – OK that’s it I’m taking back control and you are all going to be judged. Who really cares about the climate changing. God can fix that whenever he wants to, after all he created the whole f***in universe.
    What really concerns me is that people are being distracted from the real truth of God’s forgiveness for our personal ‘f*** ups’ or sins.
    Climate change happens every day no matter what we do. Forgiveness only happens when we ask for it!
    Don’t worry about the climate. Worry about your soul and forgiveness.

  • Amber

    So if the professor is correct, and not just another academic nut job, we can expect mankind will eliminate ourselves because of global warming .

    Isn’t that better than nuking each other into extinction ?

    Isn’t that really good news ? After all considering virtually every species has a best before date isn’t it reassuring to know we are all going to be wiped out as the earth gradually warms . Is that why leaders of the global warming traveling circus buy waterfront property ?

    They are so clever . No flies on those guys .

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