Women Bear Brunt of 'Climate Change?'

united20nations20un20logoA United Nations group that promotes abortion has released some controversial recommendations concerning “global warming.”

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), birth control and access to family-planning facilities can be a valuable weapon in the fight against supposed “climate change.” The UNFPA sites overpopulation as one of the factors in the earth’s “capacity to adjust” to climate change.
In an article published on GMANews.tv, a representative from the Philippines notes that climate change could affect women the worst, as women in that country might be driven into the sex trade as climate change reduces income from farming and fishing. The Fund uses this scenario to justify its call for the distribution of birth control and its call to slow population growth.

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  • Neil F. AGWD/BSD

    Women and minorities hardest hit!!!!!!! What a bunch of bunk!!!
    Hey dan, Have you heard the CEI has filed intent to sue NASA GISS for not providing document under FOIA?

  • paul wenum

    How do you respond to such bunk? And they get grants for these “studies?” I’m in the wrong business.

  • Rob N. Hood

    You’re right, it’s just logic. Women and minorities are poorer on average, thus they would be effected greater than those who have the money to move, buy food/water, and protection. Studies do sometimes confirm what is possibly “common sense” or in this case logical thinking. That is what science it all about- NOT relying on common sense. The real reason we need to be thankful for that is some people’s “common sense” may be common, but with little “sense” to it. This site proves that every day.

  • paul wenum

    Robby Boy, A good friend of mine was born, raised in the Philippines and according to her it is simply poverty, not Global warming and has been that way for years untold. As stated, I do get around Boy. Take a world vacation and find out how the “real world lives.” Outside your Box that is.

  • Rob N. Hood

    Pauly Boy, that is what I said. You need to pay closer attention I guess. I even used the word “would” be effected, and not the word “will” be effected greater by climate change. Why can’t you comprehend these things? I’m basically giving the whiole issue some doubt by using that word. Sheesh!

    So in essecne I am calling you out for calling something that is logical, and what you even confirmed thru your poor “friend,” by calling “Bunk.”

    This is what makes me upset with people on the Right. The lack of logic and reasoning. You prove it again and again. Actually, I’m probably not responding to you anymore, it’s not constructive.

    Maybe you are really a nice guy and all that (benefit of the doubt). So with that I wish you good luck in whatever it is that makes you happy.

  • paul wenum

    Rob, Life goes on.

  • paul wenum

    Rob, discourse good or bad is good. Do I agree with you ? No. Do you agree with me? I doubt it. It is point/counter point. Truth eventually prevails.

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