George Will: When a Politician Says the Climate Debate Is Over, He’s Losing It

By Noah Rothman

Conservative columnist George Will appeared on Fox News Sunday where he was asked to respond to President Barack Obama’s attribution of most severe weather to the effects of climate change. Will insisted that the repeated refrain from climate change activists, that the “debate is over” surrounding anthropogenic global warming, is an admission that the debate is not only ongoing but that those activists are losing.

“I am one of those who are called ‘deniers,’” Will said. “The imputation is that I deny climate change. It’d be impossible to state with greater precision the opposite of my view, which is of course the climate is changing. It’s always changing.”

“When a politician, on a subject implicating science,” he continued, “says, ‘the debate is over,’ you may be sure of two things; the debate is raging and he’s losing it.”

Read the rest at Mediaite.

  • neilio

    This is pretty good. I am usually leery of inside-the-beltway Republican establishment types like Mr. Will. But I have to say that he’s nailed this issue. He is agreeing 100% with me. 😉

  • Rob N. Hood

    Would love to know when you’ve ever disagreed with Willy boy.

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