Another Obama green company favorite under investigation… in China.

china-lead-poinoningBy Erin Houst

As if the Solyndra and LightSquared controversies were not enough, another one of President Obama’s favorite companies pushing the green agenda is being investigated, this time in China.

Johnson Controls Inc., which is headquartered in Wisconsin and operates a battery manufacturing facility in Shanghai, has recently come under scrutiny by locals for excessive cases of lead poisoning in children living in the area. According to China Daily, 25 children in Kangqiao town are being treated for lead poisoning. The Johnson Controls plant, along with others in the area, has been shut down.

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    This does not seem to fit the pattern. I don’t see any mention of Johnson Controls getting any federal money, and they have not gone bankrupt. It seems a stretch to lay this at the feet of Obama, especially when the problem is in China. It sounds like a case of plant mismanagement to me. Sorry this one does not rise to the level of presidential scandal.

  • Rob N. Hood

    Some sanity from Neil. Thanks for that.

  • David Hereaux

    These green companies are nothing but scandals, just like the non green companies. It’s all about swindling money. Same goes for the military fund and the other funds for medical and such. They are all ways to make lots of money. Bush did it, Clinton did it, HELL, THEY ALL DID IT!
    On another note, if you think global warming is false, you need to get your embarassed hat ready because it is true and you are barking up the wrong tree.
    Global warming is real and hopefully, if things go well, the planet will overheat and kill everything on it.

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