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New DOE loans support green Obama-backers

By Amanda Carey Despite Solyndra’s abrupt closing and bankruptcy announcement last month, the Department of Energy (DOE) is undeterred. Just this month, the agency made two more loan guarantees worth millions of dollars to alternative energy firms.And, as was the case with Solyndra, officials and investors with the two new companies have strong financial ties […]

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GE Decides to Dump Off-Shore Wind-Power Plans Despite Collecting Millions in Stimulus Funds for Wind Projects

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, the head of Barack Obama’s Economic Advisory Panel, was invited to sit with the First Lady during the president’s speech to Congress this past week. He’s been a strong supporter of the president since he took over the White House and his companies have received plenty of government funds as well. […]

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Solyndra officials made numerous trips to the White House, logs show

By Amanda Carey Not only does the now-bankrupt solar energy firm Solyndra have a cozy financial  relationship with the Obama administration, company representatives also made numerous visits to the White House to meet with administration officials, The Daily Caller has learned. According to White House visitor logs, between March 12, 2009, and April 14, 2011, […]

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FBI at Solyndra Headquarters

Part of a Joint Investigation with the Department of Energy By RJ Middleton FBI agents armed with search warrants descended Thursday morning on bankrupt solar company Solynrda. The investigation comes after a request by the Department of Energy’s inspector general, FBI spokesman Peter Lee told NBC Bay Area News. Agents arrived at Solyndra at 7a.m. […]

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Spencer’s Paper Reviewed; Remote Sensing Editor Wolfgang Wagner Resigns

By William M. Briggs In one of the most asinine, self-promoting, sniveling, absurd, nakedly political moves Wolfgang Wagner has resigned, with trumpets blazing, his editorship of Remote Sensing. Why? Because the journal under his command dared follow its editorial guidelines, and follow them properly. Because while adhering to procedure he allowed the Spencer and Braswell […]

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