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James Lovelock on the value of sceptics and why Copenhagen was doomed

We need a more authoritative world. We’ve become a sort of cheeky, egalitarian world where everyone can have their say. It’s all very well, but there are certain circumstances – a war is a typical example – where you can’t do that. You’ve got to have a few people with authority who you trust who […]

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Climate Science’s Dirtiest Secret

By Doug L. Hoffman With the climate science party-line case for global warming rapidly unwinding there is growing interest by researchers from outside the climate change community in applying advanced statistical techniques to climate data. It has long been recognized that statistical acumen has been lacking among mainstream climate scientists. This dirty little secret was […]

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PSU YAF Petitions for Independent Inquiry to Turn Up the Heat on Penn State Climategate Professor

Michael Mann – Hide the Decline From PR Newswire On February 3, 2010, the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) released a report on its internal inquiry of Professor Michael Mann, clearing him of any wrongdoing for his involvement in the “climategate” scandal.  Mann’s work, including the infamous “hockey stick graph,” concluded: “the 1990s was the hottest […]

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Car Emissions Rules Likely to Trigger Litigation

By Jenna Greene The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation Thursday finalized the first-ever national greenhouse gas emission levels for cars and light trucks, a move that is likely to bring a gust of new lawsuits. The main target may not be the rule itself, which came after painstaking negotiations with the auto […]

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Obama Okays Oil Drilling off U.S. Coasts, to Win GOP Support for Cap and Trade

New oil drilling, if it happens, is many years away, while cap-and-trade legislation is here and now By Philip Elliot, AP Reversing a ban on oil drilling off most U.S. shores, President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced an expansive new policy that could put new oil and natural gas platforms in waters along the southern […]

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By Richard of EUReferendum It’s been a heady few months for climate sceptics – or “deniers” as the opposition loves to call us. Starting with “climategate”, through a progression of “gates” with much else in between – including the apparent collapse at Copenhagen – it seemed as if we had the warmists on the run.Certainly, […]

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