• Rob, look at these two guys, do you think they are extremists? Come on, support their efforts in order to find the truth, and of course, no Cap and Trade and offshore drill, as much as USA can. That’s the best way to let the Saudis in trouble (the dream of Obama, in his own words).
    I can’t see Fox News in my home, but only the Castro National Network (CNN) and yesterday they just mentioned the Gordon Brown verbal troubles. It remember me a celebrity channel, just farandula, gosips, and bla, bla, bla and… the guilty is….. still today……. GWB

  • Rob N. Hood

    Well, and now we know what kind of off-shore drilling disaster can occur. It’s a oil slick the size of Jamaica and growing. And yet the sun continues to shine down on it all- wasted energy indeed.

    And if you think CNN is still “liberal” slanted there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklynn you might be intrested in.

  • Not good enough steel to drill with it

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