Governor Pawlenty Goes to Vegas to Make New Global Warming Friends

According to the Star Tribune, Gov. Tim Pawlenty will travel to Las Vegas next week to be a keynote speaker at a renewable energy conference that also will feature U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada. 

Pawlenty will address the Power-Gen Renewable Energy & Fuels conference on Tuesday afternoon.  More than 3,000 leading players in the renewable energy industry are expected to attend.

Minnesota has a growing budget deficit combined with an out of control governor and legislators who continue to regulate, mandate, tax and fee its residents. This legislative session promises much more and will continue to be the driving factor for the increased costs for food, gas, energy, health care and education for all Minnesotans.

Last years Renewable Energy Standards bill provided funding and courage to mandate and regulate unsustainable, unproven, unreliable and costly sources of energy. Environmental buzz words make politicians feel good but this type of legislation costs a lot of our tax dollars to pay for these useless good intentions. It should come as no surprise that our legislators, with the help of our governor, are not done yet.

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One Response to Governor Pawlenty Goes to Vegas to Make New Global Warming Friends

  1. Les Hexum March 19, 2008 at 10:17 am #

    Gee Mr Pawlenty, have you been to the grocery store or bought Heating Oil or Gasoline or Diesel fuel lately? Of coarse not, the tax payer buys all your crap so you don’t have a clue about the effects of your Socialistic Global warming Crap and what it’s doing to us who Honestly have to work for a living.
    If that’s not enough, now you are getting in BED with one of the biggest America Hating Socialists around. You should be very ashamed, Mr. Pawlenty Hanging out with this Socialist, Harry PHONEY Reid and all his Socialist Buddies.
    Mr Governor you should be ashamed of yourself. How about building some Nuclear Power Plants Tim? I suppose you are against that too, Only because it’s Politicaly Incorrect.

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