‘Hottest year’ hysteria a ploy to make us poorer


by Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun

Get ready for a year of climate change hysteria designed to make you poorer while it will do nothing to lower industrial carbon dioxide emissions linked to man-made global warming.

The reason is the world’s leading climate monitoring agencies have reported 2014 was the warmest year on record globally.

That coincides with a huge United Nations climate meeting scheduled for Paris in December, the ostensible purpose of which will be to finalize an international treaty to lower emissions caused when fossil fuels are burned.

But its real purpose will be to redistribute wealth from the first world to the third, an explicit goal of UN climate policy, by hitting taxpayers and consumers living in developed countries, such as Canada, with higher taxes and consumer prices, purportedly to “fight” global warming.

Purportedly because nothing the UN has encouraged governments to do for the past quarter century has slowed the rise of emissions globally.

That includes imposing carbon taxes and cap-and-trade markets and paying massive public subsidies for expensive, unreliable and inefficient wind and solar power.

The only time global emissions fell in the developed world, briefly, occurred following the 2008 global recession that started with the subprime mortgage scandal in the United States and eventually took trillions of dollars out of taxpayers’ and consumers’ pockets world-wide.

That left millions of people with less money to buy goods and services, meaning it took less industrial carbon dioxide emissions – which are responsible for modern civilization – to create them.

Even that only temporarily slowed the rise in global emissions, which started to increase again as the world’s economy slowly began to recover post-2008.

As for 2014 being the warmest year, this means the warmest in the 135-year record of comparable temperature data, not in the 4.5-billion year history of the Earth.

Climate alarmists, including many “environmentalists,” often deliberately confuse these two very different concepts by referring to modern-day temperatures as the warmest “ever.”

They’re not. They’re the warmest since about 1880 when we first developed the technology to reliably measure and compare temperatures.

One year of temperature data, such as 2014 being the warmest on record, is meaningless when it comes to measuring climate change.

That said, there has been a gradual warming (slower than predicted by early computer-generated climate models) in recent decades, with most of the warmest years since 1880 occurring after 2000.

Most climate scientists believe this is an abnormal warming caused primarily by mankind’s increasing use of fossil fuels.

Many climate scientists, environmentalists and politicians say this is having a devastating effect on the planet’s environment, including on weather, ecosystems and sea level rise, which will become much worse in the future.

What they don’t say is that prematurely abandoning the use of fossil fuels without having a reliable energy source to replace them with (wind and solar don’t qualify), will result in massive death and disease globally, particularly in the developing world.

That’s because the energy we get from fossil fuels is responsible for modern civilization, technological progress and gradually increasing standards of living and life spans globally.

There are sensible ways to curb emissions – through such things as the increased use of nuclear power, which doesn’t emit greenhouse gases and replacing coal-fired electricity with natural gas, which burns far more cleanly, using technologies such as fracking.

But the UN and many of its member countries have decided instead simply to fear monger and take more of our money through so-called carbon pricing schemes which have failed to lower emissions globally.

With 2014 now declared the warmest on record, prepare for a year of climate hysteria in which politicians and climate alarmists will seek to part us from more of our money, culminating in a massive cash grab in Paris this December, which will do nothing to lower emissions or help the environment.

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