Global Climate Scam: An Interview with Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Christopher Monckton is interviewed on Canadian television about climate change hysteria and its implications. Originally broadcasted December 26, 2014



  • Ryan

    When politicians refer to the opposing side on the debate over climate change as some sort of enemy, as sort of general “they” that say all these things, they are damaging the public’s ability to decide for themselves about these issues. If you honestly care whether or not climate change is real and affected by humans, do not base your research off of what politicians tell you. Listen to people who actually care about this issue for no other reason than because they think it’s important. There is of course bias everywhere, but try to see through the bias to what’s really going on.

  • potemkin_village_usa

    A Peer Review Survey of geo-scientists and engineers found that 36 percent of those surveyed believe that climate change is largely man made and that the Kyoto protocol should be adopted by all.
    __Twenty four percent of the respondents’ model ascribes to nature being the overwhelming factor governing any changes in the climate and that any climate change poses no significant risk to the public.
    __Seventeen percent of the respondents’ model is that climate change is both natural as well as human generated and has little or no impact on humanity.
    __Variations in other groups in the proportion of man made or naturally occurring models agree that climate change poses little or no real threat to mankind.

  • jimmy777

    ABC News 2008 Prediction: NYC Under Water From ‘Climate Change’ By June 2015

    • ricotorpe

      If you are taking Carlin seriously as someone who rejected GW/CC, you are just fucking stupid. Hell, you don’t even understand what he was saying.

      Even if he HAD been seriously arguing against GW/CC, you have someone with no qualifications in climatology making an argument from incredulity

      This, of course, sums up the denier movement. BTW, there is a difference between deniers and those who understand the science, and are either honestly not convinced or have doubts.

      • siquijorisland

        how much do they pay you for your misinformation?.

  • jimmy777

    George Carlin on Global Warming.

    If they would play this 7 minute bit at every lib college you would see a different tone about Global Warming, this is funny as hell and spot on… ..

    • ja_1410

      Wrong. There would be call to arrest this man and jail him. The religion does not accept argument.

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