Climate skeptic advisor says Trump could pull out of Paris climate agreement in days


Ahead of the confirmation hearing of climate skeptic Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s nominee to head the EPA, former aide Myron Ebell says it’s only a matter of time until the US leaves the climate agreement.

The former head of President Donald Trump’s transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said it is only a matter of time before the president pulls America out of the Paris climate agreement, and that an executive order on the issue could come within days.

Myron Ebell said President Trump was determined to undo policies implemented by Barack Obama to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“I expect Donald Trump to be very assiduous in keeping his promises, despite all of the flack he is going to get from his opponents,” he told the media at a briefing in London on Monday. He was speaking at an event organized by The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), the main group advocating climate change skepticism in the United Kingdom.

Speaking in London, Ebell also called the environmental movement “the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity in the modern world.”

Ebell, a long-standing climate change denier, said the United States would “clearly change its course on climate policy” under the new administration.


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  1. Dean Jackson February 3, 2017 at 2:10 am #

    While there certainly is warming going on, the question is the cause
    for the warming, and the cause isn’t Carbon Dioxide, which is a COOLING
    molecule in Earth’s atmosphere. The reason Marxists point a finger at
    Carbon Dioxide is to drastically reduce the West’s Carbon Dioxide
    emissions which would further sink the economies of the West,* assisting
    in elevating the strategic objectives of the USSR and the People’s
    Republic of China, both nations being allies…always were allies.

    Carbon Dioxide and how the atmosphere heats…

    The following is the second half of my article, ‘Throwing Cold Water on Global Warming’…

    – More important than a gas’ IR absorption capabilities is an atmosphere gas
    molecule’s volume. One pound of Carbon Dioxide has a volume of 8.7 cubic
    feet, smaller than Nitrogen at 13.8 cubic feet, and Oxygen at 12.1
    cubic feet. With a smaller volume than either Nitrogen and Oxygen,
    Carbon Dioxide can only possess less heat than Nitrogen and Oxygen.

    the atmosphere is a Nitrogen-Oxygen based atmosphere, representing over
    99.9% of the atmosphere’s gasses, adding Carbon Dioxide to the
    atmosphere cools the Nitrogen-Oxygen based atmosphere, as
    demonstrated in experimental designs conducted by Professor Gert Venter,
    Agricultural Engineering, University of Pretoria: “You
    know, that’s why all I can do is laugh when these global warming
    monkeys tell me that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. It is not, and I have
    live, precise experimental situations in over 30 sites around the world
    that prove that it is not. These guys create a model in their computers,
    based on arbitrary assumptions, and then ignore all the experimental
    evidence to the contrary. My experiments show that INCREASING
    TEMPERATURE in my agricultural environments.”

    With Carbon Dioxide A Cooling Molecule In Earth’s Atmosphere, Then What Is Warming The Atmosphere?

    heat obtained by both Nitrogen and Oxygen comes from thermals and
    latent heat from the surface, heat from man-made structures on the
    ground, and the
    heat produced by incoming radiation absorbed directly by the atmosphere,
    not solely from the absorption of outgoing IR. The warmth that blankets
    us each day is due to Nitrogen and Oxygen, not the puny amounts of the
    trace gas Carbon Dioxide, nor any of the other trace gasses.

    man-made structures on the ground, interestingly NASA’s ‘earth’s energy
    budget’ illustration fails to provide the data on the amount of solar
    radiation absorbed by those structures, and it is the massive growth of
    urban sprawl the last sixty years that accounts for the atmosphere’s
    warming, a warming that is being tempered by increasing amounts of
    Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. –

    To read first half of article, see link below…
    Currently the West’s central banks are sabotaging their respective
    economies via near zero percent interest rates that effectively prevent
    the granting of loans for new business ventures that require large
    capital outlays. The interest rate offered for loans – based on the low
    central back interest rate – is too low for the large capitalized

    We therefore comprehend the blatant lie behind the
    economic doctrine that states the employment of capital is based on
    cost, but not only is this doctrine a lie, it’s also a tautology…

    “Capital has a cost; therefore
    the employment of capital is based on cost.”

    cost of capital isn’t based on cost – a tautology – it’s based on (1)
    the quantity of capital loaned; and (2) the time it takes to pay back
    the capital loaned. The cost of capital – interest – depends on the
    magnitude borrowed (and time needed to pay back the loan).

    If one
    borrows a capital outlay of X, the cost of X will be less than a capital
    outlay of 6X, but if a central bank maintains interest rates at the
    artificially low X level, there can be no loans for capital outlays
    between X and 6X.

    By implementing low cost interest rates, central
    banks have set in motion ruinous price controls on capital, thereby
    preventing the employment of capital.

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