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The Green Energy Economy Reconsidered

The last we saw such an economy was in the 13th Century By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren “Green” energy such as wind, solar and biomass presently constitute only 3.6% of fuel used to generate electricity in the U.S. But if another “I Have a Dream” speech were given at the base of the […]

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Whose Clean Energy Standards?

By Paul Chesser Living in a home with four kids and two dogs, one child’s “clean” can mean “unacceptable” to an adult — think barely visible shower scum or machine-washed plates without phosphates. And necessary energy levels and types mean different things to different people: A back-to-nature maiden who practices what she preaches needs much […]

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Defections Shake Up Climate Coalition

By Stephen Power And Ben Casselman Three big companies quit an influential lobbying group that had focused on shaping climate-change legislation, in the latest sign that support for an ambitious bill is melting away. Oil giants BP PLC and ConocoPhillips and heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar Inc. said Tuesday they won’t renew their membership in the three-year-old […]

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Capping and Trading for Profit

By Jack Duckworth The Washington Times reports that three utilities and two manufactures, Nike Inc. and Apple Inc., resigned from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the chamber’s fight against the proposed “cap-and-trade” legislation (“Backers of climate bill quit chamber,” Page 1, Tuesday). I worked for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and its predecessor, […]

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America's Power System Is Powerless

Why “Smart Grid” Technology is Dumb By William Yeatman and Jeremy Lott America is a beacon of capitalism, so it can be jarring to discover one of its largest industries is a redoubt of socialism. State governments have been running the electricity business, currently a $330-billion-a-year industry, since Theodore Roosevelt pounded his White House bully […]

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Wind Power Exposed: The Renewable Energy Source is Expensive, Unreliable and Won’t Save Natural Gas

By Peter Glover and Michael J. Economides  This is not what President-elect Barack Obama’s energy and climate strategists would want to hear. It would be anathema to Al Gore and other assorted luminaries touting renewable energy sources which in one giant swoop will save the world from the “tyranny” of fossil fuels and mitigate global […]

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