Renewable Portfolio Standards: Another Hidden Tax

Solar Panelsby Paul Chesser

Renewable portfolio standards that have passed in several states (and promoted by many other state climate commissions) are nothing more than another hidden energy tax (like cap-and-trade). That is no better illustrated than in a Raleigh News & Observer article today, which explains how Progress Energy is about to go to battle with North Carolina’s Utilities Commission in order to raise rates so it can pay for its (state-required 12.5 percent minimum) renewable-sourced energy generation:

Progress Energy is ready to start charging customers extra to tap solar power and other renewable resources, but the power company is facing criticism that its proposed charges favor energy hogs.

The two sides will get a hearing today before the N.C. Utilities Commission, which will decide whether the Raleigh-based utility’s request is reasonable. The hearing is the first public debate on how best to pay for the alternative energy that utilities must tap to meet a new state law.

Progress wants to charge households 46 cents a month, businesses $2.33 a month and industrial customers $23.38 a month. If approved, the new charges would go into effect in December.

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One Response to Renewable Portfolio Standards: Another Hidden Tax

  1. Rob N. Hood July 19, 2008 at 10:36 pm #

    Only in a fairy tale would anyone believe it’s just coincidence that the oil and gas industries have donated more than $18 million to federal candidates this year, three-quarters of it going to Republicans. They’ve spent more than $26 million lobbying this year – that’s seven times more than environmental groups have spent.

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