IPCC AR5 full final draft report Released

IPCC-AR5-coverThe United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change has released a “final draft” of their 5th Assessment Report on the “threat” of climate change. Additional connected documents include a “fact sheet,” a new Summary for policy Makers and a short 2-pager that answers questions about the report.

See ClimateChange2013.org for more.



2 Responses to IPCC AR5 full final draft report Released

  1. Rob N. Hood October 4, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    After 170 years of searching for the Northwest Passage, it is almost open for business. Two Russian cargo ships made it across the top of Russia this summer without the aid of icebreakers.

    But there is another piece of outlandish talk coming from conservative sources in reference to the sea ice situation that demonstrates the great lengths that they will go to, to do whatever it is that they think they are doing.

    They are shouting that the Arctic has gained a record amount of sea ice this year over last. In climate science, this is about as embarrassing a statement as they come. But the public doesn’t know this. They only know that their authority figures, and their authoritative sources, are the ones that they trust. This is the reason climate propaganda is so effective: blind trust.

    Climate science reality however is another matter. When the record is doubly smashed as it was in 2012 and the next year is only the fifth-lowest, of course there will be a record increase year over year – It wouldn’t be a record otherwise! The 2012 record shattered the 2007 record by 18 percent. The previous record (2007) shattered the record before that (2005) by 22 percent. So, why is such a large portion of the public taken in by such obvious disinformation?

    It’s their innocence. The vested interests’ propaganda is so effective because the general public does not have the time or resources to remember the last record or do the math.

    Now what do we do? Whatever you do, do not get frightened at climate change. It is only pollution. The same voices that tell us that Al Gore is a fraud also tell us that the solutions to climate change will ruin our economies; it’s a massive climate science conspiracy that climate change is a myth or that it won’t be good for us. These people are confused.

  2. L Narfenstein October 14, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    Rob N, you have it right. 2013 has 60% more Arctic sea ice than 2012 — but 2012 was the record low!


    The same trick is being broadcast with regard to temperature. True, the past 10 years have a plateau in global average temperatures — so, warming is a hoax! No, it is not. The past 10 years are the hottest on record. (If Rush Limbaugh ever gives that piece of information, climate change really will be over because heck will be frozen solid.)

    These tactics will fool most people who 1) don’t look at the graphs, 2) don’t understand the concept of variability, or 3) just really want to believe it’s a hoax.

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