Al Gore: There needs to be a Political price for Climate 'Denial'

goreGore calls on his climate faithful to treat global warming skeptics like racists and homophobes

By Ben Geman

Former vice president Al Gore on Monday called for making climate change “denial” a taboo in society.

“Within the market system we have to put a price on carbon, and within the political system, we have to put a price on denial,” Gore said at the Social Good Summit New York City.

“It is simply not acceptable for major companies to mimic the unethical strategy of the tobacco companies in presenting blatantly false information in order to protect a business model,” Gore added, alleging that’s what some oil and coal companies are doing. “There needs to be a political price for denial.”

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The all-too familiar pattern of the radical left. When losing an argument on merits and facts, demonize your opponent – usually as a racist.

  • Moriae Encomium

    A little bit of sunshine would be an assert to Al’s interpersonal skills.

    There are more and more those who think climate change science as ‘absolute crap’. Australia’s new prime minister Tony Abbott for example.

  • John McCracken

    There was political backlash Al, everyone knows you’re a liar, your political career is still over…

  • Ray

    Climate denial? Who on Earth does that?

    I believe climate has been changing as long as it has existed. And that there is good evidence for a medieval warm period and much cooler times, for example during the 15th century and early 19th century the Thames River froze over it was so cold. Famous painters such as Thomas Wyke painted this.

    It seems very clear that the Sun is the primary source of our climate. Greenhouse gasses have a lesser effect, of which Co2 is a minor greenhouse gas, and man released Co2 is a portion of that total. There’s good evidence to support periods of much higher levels of Co2 in the past and that in itself suggests that we live in a self regulating system, not an ever increasing temperature feedback loop like the dodgy IPCC models claimed.

    I think we have a huge problem with Sun ‘denial’ not climate ‘denial’ and we should be doing everything we can to educate people who still don’t believe in the Sun.

    • Well said.

    • You have just said what I have been saying for 10 years. But you have said it in a much more concise manner. Well done. Brevity is the soul of wit they say.

      • Ray

        I applaud you because 10 years ago I had bought into this nonsense. I’m grateful that facts are stuborn things..!

        • I appreciate that. That’s why we do it. Please spread the word. There are still way too many deceived people out there!

    • Rob N. Hood

      Are you punching yourself in the face? If so, pleased stop.

      • Ray

        No I’m not, That’s a photo of my daughter (age 1) inserting her hand into my mouth.

    • Linz

      Well said Ray. Exactly what I’ve been saying.
      Modeling is the opposite of science. Modeling is nothing but a method of imposing subjective motives onto people.
      Unfortunately, the sheeple of this country are too busy buying into the political agenda and going back to watching some stupid reality TV show or playing their nintendo. They don’t have the time to look into facts.

  • Landrew

    And the left talks about “birthers”. What about the “warmers”, your global warming experts who says it’s for real no matter what the best scientist facts are debunking the money grab of Gore and his scam. Sorry Al. Your little temper tantrums are all because most everyone thinks your arguments are weak, very weak with no real facts or data to back up your coalition of greedy cohorts. Give it up Al, the world is on to you and your phony carbon futures.

  • Rob N. Hood

    Birthers vs, warmers. Funny comparison- very funny.

    • Ray

      Many of these conspiracy theory ‘labels’ are peer pressure instruments designed to reduce free thought. My belief is everyone should ‘grow a pair’ and go where the facts take them.

  • brnrds

    They should shut up Al Gore and his gang in jail and charge them to repay for his climate lies and lobbying or financing IPCC for his own profits with fraudulent results.
    He’s a mythomaniac who invented acid rain, the hole in the ozonlayer and the fraud with ballots. He’s a fraud himself and should be threated like that.
    He blames natives for cooking in a fire as they always did, but his footprint in spending money and energy is far exeeding any normal pattern. Those who themselves are fraudulent always point to others as the cause of their agony.
    Anyone can see that there is no global warming and even if there was, it won’t be alarming as there always has been and will be slight changes even without human beings. He’s an evil storyteller.

  • Nod

    Ok so the alarmist theory is, sun heats earth..co2 traps heat reflected from the earths surface warming it up.
    If co2 traps or reflects heat from the earths surface then it must also reflect or trap heat radiated from the sun in equal amounts, thereby resulting in a zero overall effect on temperature at the earths surface, not taking into account water vapour and other demonic gasses.
    The higher the atmospheric concentration of co2 the more heat is reflected in both directions I would have thought.
    I don’t see how alarmists can claim one as absolute truth without recognising the possibility of the other.

  • Petra

    Hey Al Gore – is your mother or father still alive because if they are they need to teach you about lying to people. Maybe your mother needs to wash your mouth out with soap and a little CO2 as well – then you might get the picture you money grabbing liar.

  • Otter

    Climate skeptics are the new Jew.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Jews have nothing to do with satan;s demonic global warmin g hoax.

  • gt

    Do you not having any reading comprehension ability? Where does Gore say anything like “Gore calls on his climate faithful to treat global warming skeptics like racists and homophobes” How in the world can you say “The all-too familiar pattern of the radical left. When losing an
    argument on merits and facts, demonize your opponent – usually as a
    racist.” This is silly and is actually legal slander against the man.

    • Bryan

      REALLY? When Gore says: “There needs to be a political price for denial”, read between the lines! How else do you make “denial” a political price to pay? Like the author says, Gore wants to make climate change “denial” taboo in society.

      Well then ask yourself, what else are the two biggest taboos currently in society? They are being labeled: 1)Racist and 2)Homophobic

      How can he say “the all-too familiar pattern of the radical left…”?
      Uh… Because it is a FACT that it is their go-to strategy on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE!
      It’s straight out of “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinksky.

      It is well established that all Democrats have adopted Alinksky’s philosophy and strategies in politics. Coincidentally Alinksky was a community organizer from Chicago.. sound familiar!?

      • sweetqueen777

        Freedom of sp=ch only seems to apply to SOME SPEECH, anymore.

  • George

    Al Gore …..running like a scared jack rabbit…Hahahaha…..wants to what….put a stop to freedom of speech and jail those who are more knowledgeable and realistic . Do I see a scared rat mindlessly ranting and dictating . That Nobel Peace prize may be taken away real soon and you’ll have to pay back the money you received from them . Brrrrr, it’s awful cold out there now . The Paris talks are flopping and their leaving like rats on a sinking ship . Now the general public is on the hook to pay down a deficit generated from fraudulent data and “scientists” that strung them along all these years not including the monies spent on “studies” and legislation that went thru the roof and the time and money on them . They say you can’t fix stupid .

    • sweetqueen777

      Sadly, the NOBEL THING is meaningless
      It is nothing more than a GIANT POLITICAL HANDOUT.

  • sweetqueen777

    I think old Al Gore already paid the “political proce” for being a HUGE HYPOCRITE where his wacko claims of Global Warming are concerned. I notice HIS carbon footprint is pretty damn big. He was heavily invested in MAKING A LOT OF MONEY off the SKY FALLING BIT. Follow the MONEY. It will usually lead to those same hypocrits.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Al Gore is like Walid Shoebat. Both promote false beliefs. Both are terrorists.

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