George W. Gore

Having betrayed Republicans on all other key issues from education to immigration, the announcement that George W. Bush intends to introduce global warming legislation should come as no surprise.

The Washington Times on Monday reports that, “President Bush is poised to change course and announce as early as this week that he wants Congress to pass a bill to combat global warming, and will lay out principles for what that should include.”

So, having defeated Al Gore in what the Democrats still insist was a stolen election, we have come full circle to George W. introducing legislation to lock into place the bogus theory of global warming, insuring that, as the Earth gives every sign of entering a cooling cycle, we shall continue to destroy the economy by reducing “greenhouse gas” emissions.

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One Response to George W. Gore

  1. Scott April 29, 2008 at 6:30 pm #

    not cool GWB. It’s only gonna get worse with either obama, clinton, or mccain to replace him.

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