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Half of Meteorologists don’t Believe in Man-Made Global Warming

By Michael Bastasch – Not all scientists agree that global warming is man-made. Nearly half of meteorologists and atmospheric science experts don’t believe that human activities are the driving force behind global warming, according to a survey by the American Meteorological Society. The survey of AMS members found that while 52 percent of American Meteorological Society […]

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Global warming professor Kevin Anderson ‘cuts back on washing and showering’ to fight climate change – Admits at UN climate summit: ‘That is why I smell’ – Defends his call for ‘a planned economic recession’

Morano to Anderson: ‘And you really believe that [not bathing] is going to help people avoid typhoons?’ Anderson defended his advocacy of ‘a planned economic recession’ to combat man-made global warming By Marc Morano Kevin Anderson, a professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre […]

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Norwegian army goes Vegetarian… to fight Global Warming

By Michael Bastasch Norway’s military is taking drastic steps to ramp up its war against global warming. The Scandinavian country announced its soldiers would be put on a vegetarian diet once a week to reduce the military’s carbon footprint. “Meatless Monday’s” has already been introduced at one of Norway’s main military bases and will soon […]

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"Extreme weather" does not justify extreme political agenda (Opinion from Sen. Jeff Sessions)

By Senator Jeff Sessions It has been eight years since the last major hurricane struck the United States—a lull that experts call an “extended and intense hurricane drought,” the longest such drought since reliable records began in the 19th century. This is welcome news for Alabamians. The nation still remembers Hurricane Camille (a Category 5 […]

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