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GOP Rips Plan for Climate Office

‘Propaganda,’ a lawmaker says By Ben Wolfgang House Republicans charged Wednesday that the Obama administration is aiming to establish a “propaganda office” for Democratic initiatives on global warming through a proposal to consolidate operations in a new “climate service” office within the Commerce Department Tensions boiled over at a congressional hearing as officials of the […]

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Where is the Green Jobs Explosion?

By Ed Morrissey When Barack Obama spoke of “necessarily bankrupting” coal-fueled electricity producers, he claimed that the explosion in “green jobs” would replace the workers dislocated by penalizing fossil fuels.  So far, though, there is little evidence of any explosion in green jobs, or even significant job creation at all.  As Politico reports, the Obama […]

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Australia May Pay Camel Killers in an Effort to Combat…Climate Change?

From The Blaze Kill a camel, earn cash for cutting greenhouse gases: That offer may be coming soon in Australia, where vast numbers of the nonnative, methane-belching animals have been trampling the Outback for more than a century. The government has proposed that killing camels be officially registered as a means of reducing greenhouse gas […]

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