KSTP Finally Breaks Metro Media Silence

Kudos to KSTP-TV for finally breaking the apparent Twin Cities media boycott of GlobalClimateScam.com.  Today KSTP aired a news story on our campaign and its potentially conflict with Governor Pawlenty’s agenda.  A press release announcing the campaign was originally issued to all major Twin Cities media outlets in mid-February in conjunction with the first billboard advertisement being posted on I-94 in Albertville.  Over the past three weeks, five additional boards have been posted in and around the metro-area, but no Twin Cities media outlet elected to cover the story until now.

It’s interesting to contrast our campaign to that of a recent campaign sponsored by Progress in Motion (PIM), the transportation alliance that just helped to pass the single largest tax increase in Minnesota’s history.  Last year, PIM ran a one month campaign consisting of a single billboard touting the slogan, “No New Taxes Means No New Bridges“.  While this campaign was much smaller, both in terms of its duration and the number of billboards, most of the the Twin Cities covered the story.  This situation appears to validate the claims made in the recently released BMI report on the media’s censorship of information that contridicts the agenda of global warming alarmists.

3 Responses to KSTP Finally Breaks Metro Media Silence

  1. John Peterson March 4, 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    Is it not interesting how they use this bridge to raise our taxes and it was the Federal Government that is paying to replace it? I have yet to hear THAT being said anywhere.

  2. John Adams March 7, 2008 at 6:45 pm #

    It occurred to me that those who advocate for taxpayer dollars to solve problems that don’t exist are nothing less than criminals. Those that advocate fixing global warming with costly regulations are the first that come to mind. Anyone who sympathizes with the agenda of these criminals should also be scrutinized for their association and especially so if they are seeking public office. Political party affiliation should make no difference. John McCain, Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman are as guilty as Al Gore and should be prosecuted for their criminal action against humanity. Prosecution should occur under the Federal RICO laws.

  3. Phidippides March 22, 2008 at 11:09 am #

    I came to this site after seeing the billboard going north on 35E on my way home from work. The red lettering in the web address on the billboard was a bit difficult to read (the white of “warming” was much easier) but the second time or so seeing it I got it. I wonder if Tim Pawlenty has jumped on this issue because it makes him appeal to liberal sentiments in the state.

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