8 New Years Resolutions For Climate Scientists

By Steve Goddard, Real Science

1. Stop lying about sea ice. The amount of sea ice on Earth is near a record high.

ScreenHunter_5647 Dec. 30 10.45iphone.anomaly.global.png (512×412)

2. Stop lying about global warming. There hasn’t been any significant troposphere warming for 18 years.

ScreenHunter_5648 Dec. 30 10.51Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

3. Stop lying about climate models. They are a disaster and 97% overpredict warming.

ScreenHunter_5650 Dec. 30 10.56

Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems

#4. Stop lying about sea level. 80% of tide gauges show less rise than the official “global average”. Many tide gauges show no rise in sea level, and almost none show any acceleration over the past 20 years.

ScreenHunter_5651 Dec. 30 11.00

Data and Station Information for ALAMEDA (NAVAL AIR STATION)

#5. Stop lying about drought. Droughts in the US are becoming less severe and less frequent, and the US has been wetter than normal over the past year.

ScreenHunter_5652 Dec. 30 11.04

Climate at a Glance: Time Series | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

#6. Stop lying about snow. Autumn/Winter snow cover has increased to record levels.

nhland_season4 (4)nhland_season1 (2)Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

#7. Stop tampering with temperature data.


#8. Stop making up thermometer data where it doesn’t actually exist


By following any one of the simple principles of scientific integrity, a climate scientist can be guaranteed to be ostracized, have their funding cut off, have web sites set up to personally attack them, get fired, and possibly have the president of the US smear them.

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