Media Promote Global Warming Fraud

When it comes to Iraq, our media have been preoccupied with the issue of whether there was adequate intelligence to justify the invasion and if policy-makers made up evidence before the war. But on the matter of global intervention to stop global warming, there seems to be no need for scientific evidence to justify what is shaping up as a global carbon tax of 35 cents a gallon of gas on the American people. 

It’s difficult to figure out which is the bigger fraud-the U.N. or our media. 

Incredibly, the much-publicized United Nations climate change report, which blames global warming on people, has no published science to back it up. 

The front page Washington Post story about the report waited until the 20th paragraph of a 21-paragraph story to mention that the “detailed scientific documentation” for the claim is not yet available and won’t be released “for a few months.” 

A New York Times account waited until the 40th paragraph of a 44-paragraph story to disclose that “thousands of pages of technical background,” supposedly the basis for the alarming conclusions, would be released later in the year. 

Now how many people read until almost the end of these articles to discover that the scientific evidence is not yet available?

The odds are that many people didn’t get past the sensational New York Times headline, “Science Panel Calls Global Warming ‘Unequivocal.'”

Clearly, we are supposed to accept all of this on faith. 

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