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Bjorn Lomborg Climate Report: Hurricanes ‘Unprecedentedly Weak’ in 2022

ROME — Climate specialist Bjorn Lomborg revealed Sunday that 2022 was the 2nd weakest year for hurricanes in more than forty years (1980-2022) and yet no mainstream media have reported on this.

From Breitbart –

Lomborg, who acknowledges the reality of climate change while refuting climate alarmism, noted that the drop in extreme weather events like hurricanes does not fit with the reigning apocalyptic reporting on global warming and thus is swept under the rug by mainstream media.

A report this month by Colorado State University shows that globally there were only 115.25 hurricane days in 2022, among the very lowest in the entire satellite era.


By comparison, there were 162.25 hurricane days in 1982, 172.25 in 1986, 199.25 in 1989, 253.75 in 1992, 218.25 in 1996, 216 in 2004, 223.5 in 2018 and 172.25 in 2019.

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