More Biofuelishness

E-85 NozzleBy Paul Chesser 

With food and gas prices skyrocketing, several state climate commissions are ignoring the backlash against the suddenly antiquated policy of plant-enhanced petrol, as they hope to stop the alleged future global warming catastrophe.

Why? Because before they even get started, panelists and their hired management team (in most cases), the Center for Climate Strategies, forbid any discussion of global warming science outside the prevailing mainstream media take of the last 10 to 15 years — that is, that carbon dioxide emissions must be curbed dramatically to stop the trend. Don’t you understand that the “science is settled”?

That premise extends also to CCS’s standard menu of “solutions” to climate change, but now even the MSM has turned against biofuels. That’s ignored in roughly two dozen states, where in most cases governors (both Republican and Democrat) have appointed climate commission members, and push proposals that will increase costs of carbon-based sources (oil, coal) of energy while subsidizing inefficient resources like wind, solar, and crop combustion.

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