Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas

John Coleman - KUSI (San Diego) Meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channelby John Coleman

You may want to give credit where credit is due to Al Gore and his global warming campaign the next time you fill your car with gasoline, because there is a direct connection between Global Warming and four dollar a gallon gas.  It is shocking, but true, to learn that the entire Global Warming frenzy is based on the environmentalist’s attack on fossil fuels, particularly gasoline.  All this big time science, international meetings, thick research papers, dire threats for the future; all of it, comes down to their claim that the carbon dioxide in the exhaust from your car and in the smoke stacks from our power plants is destroying the climate of planet Earth.  What an amazing fraud; what a scam.

The future of our civilization lies in the balance. 

That’s the battle cry of the High Priest of Global Warming Al Gore and his fellow, agenda driven disciples as they predict a calamitous outcome from anthropogenic global warming.  According to Mr. Gore the polar ice caps will collapse and melt and sea levels will rise 20 feet inundating the coastal cities making 100 million of us refugees.  Vice President Gore tells us numerous Pacific islands will be totally submerged and uninhabitable.  He tells us global warming will disrupt the circulation of the ocean waters, dramatically changing climates, throwing the world food supply into chaos. He tells us global warming will turn hurricanes into super storms, produce droughts, wipe out the polar bears and result in bleaching of coral reefs. He tells us tropical diseases will spread to mid latitudes and heat waves will kill tens of thousands.  He preaches to us that we must change our lives and eliminate fossil fuels or face the dire consequences.  The future of our civilization is in the balance.

With a preacher’s zeal, Mr. Gore sets out to strike terror into us and our children and make us feel we are all complicit in the potential demise of the planet.

Here is my rebuttal.

There is no significant man made global warming.  There has not been any in the past, there is none now and there is no reason to fear any in the future. The climate of Earth is changing. It has always changed.  But mankind’s activities have not overwhelmed or significantly modified the natural forces.

Through all history, Earth has shifted between two basic climate regimes: ice ages and what paleoclimatologists call “Interglacial periods”.  For the past 10 thousand years the Earth has been in an interglacial period.  That might well be called nature’s global warming because what happens during an interglacial period is the Earth warms up, the glaciers melt and life flourishes. Clearly from our point of view, an interglacial period is greatly preferred to the deadly rigors of an ice age.  Mr. Gore and his crowd would have us believe that the activities of man have overwhelmed nature during this interglacial period and are producing an unprecedented, out of control warming. 

Well, it is simply not happening.  Worldwide there was a significant natural warming trend in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a Solar cycle peaked with lots of sunspots and solar flares.  That ended in 1998 and now the Sun has gone quiet with fewer and fewer Sun spots, and the global temperatures have gone into decline.  Earth has cooled for almost ten straight years.  So, I ask Al Gore, where’s the global warming?

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12 Responses to Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas

  1. Scam June 23, 2008 at 10:50 am #

    You mention Al Gore’s ‘agenda driven disciples’.

    What do you see as being the agenda?

  2. Dan McGrath June 23, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    First of all, this commentary was written by John Coleman, so I can’t speak to his intent. I will tell you what I think the agenda is, though.
    In it’s most basic form, it’s about money (virtually everything is when you dig deep enough). Al Gore is the founder and a major owner of a carbon trading company that stands to cash in on cap and trade type schemes, selling indulgences.

    Additionally, the elites behind the global warming hype have a political agenda: socalism. Global warming is the latest excuse for social engineering and the dismantling of the individual successes of capitalism.

  3. Scott June 23, 2008 at 2:50 pm #

    i couldn’t agree more Dan.

  4. History Blabber June 23, 2008 at 3:09 pm #

    I agree with you that the earth goes through natural warming and cooling periods, this is a scientific fact that Al Gore did forget about in his presentation. However, the earth has not been cooling for 10 years straight as you claim. Actually, the average temperature of the earth has been rising 1 degree per year. this is of course the average temperature. so in some places it may be cooler and in other even hotter. the real issue is not does global warming exist, but is man significantly speading up this process and how do we slow mans impact on the earth. global warming and cooling does exist, and man is helping to speed up the process of what would have naturally occurred. even if you dont believe what Al Gore is saying, what does it hurt to stop putting as much pollutants into the atmosphere?

  5. Dan McGrath June 23, 2008 at 10:23 pm #

    Carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant.

    One degree a year? Nobody’s saying that! Not even the farthest fringe.

    What does it hurt to just go along, “just in case” the alarmists are right (even though there is no sound evidence to support it)? Our freedom, our economy, our way of life, our progress, our sovereignty, the poor, economically challenged developing nations and our future.

    Let’s seriously think about the unintended consequences of plans concocted by (let’s give the benefit of the doubt for the sake of argument) well-intentioned people.

  6. Phidippides June 24, 2008 at 9:20 pm #

    History Blabber, there was a figure thrown around a few weeks ago that it would cost $45 trillion to combat global warming. Kofi Annan is now talking about “climate justice”. I have little doubt that the crosshairs are now centered on the United States and we can expect to see more international push to have the U.S. pay its “share” of the bill to foot global warming. I don’t know about you, but I would have some serious issues with paying even an extra penny as part of a “climate tax” to fund initiatives by liberal Europeans and Democrats who are on the losing side of presidential elections.

  7. Rob N. Hood June 25, 2008 at 3:18 pm #

    It’s not the liberals you should be worried about. “They” (the true elite) want us to fight each other…

    The Wall Street Journal, carried an article over the weekend that entertained the possibility of oil tipping the $200 mark, citing experts in the industry who expect the $95 a barrel level to be surpassed by the end of the year if the recent stock market turmoil continues.

    The ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group, a consortium of power brokers from banking, business, politics, academia and oil, met in Munich Germany in May 2005 when crude oil prices were around the $40 a barrel mark.
    During the conference, Henry Kissinger told his fellow attendees that the elite had resolved to ensure that oil prices would double over the course of the next 12-24 months, which is exactly what has happened.

    During their 2006 meeting in Ottawa Canada, Bilderberg agreed to push for $105 a barrel before the end of 2008. This information was gleaned from sources inside Bilderberg who have proven reliable in the past.
    Though Bilderberg claim they are merely a talking shop and formulate no policy, they were also responsible for the decision to delay the invasion of Iraq until March 2003 after it was initially intended to take place in late 2002.

    Bilderberg have sworn to bring about what Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission and a Bilderberg member, refers to as the “post-industrial revolution,” which in layman’s terms translates as a global economic crash, another great depression and the total evisceration of the middle class.

    This will be accomplished by hyping the doomsday threat of global warming in alliance with the promotion of peak oil.

    Peak oil is a scam manufactured by the oil companies to create artificial scarcity and drive up profits for transnational oil cartels. It was first originated in 1956 by Shell Oil’s M. King Hubbert, who said that only one and a quarter trillion barrels of crude were left, a figure that was surpassed at the end of 2006. According to Hubbert’s original calculations, the planet should already have produced its last drop over nine months ago.

    By pushing peak oil theories and tying them in with the man-made global warming fraud, Bilderberg seeks to jack up oil prices to the point where the living standards of the middle class become unsustainable and the west is lowered into second world status while fat cat elitists reap the financial and political bounty.

    A military attack on Iran is also essential for the globalists to kick-start an economic collapse coupled with a massive hike in oil prices. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told a French TV station yesterday that the world should prepare for war with Iran as rhetoric around the possibility of conflict grows bellicose.

    Experts have predicted that should an attack occur, Iran would immediately cease oil exports, pushing the price per barrel well beyond $100 almost immediately, inflating gasoline prices and kicking off a worldwide energy crisis and a recession.

  8. Dan McGrath June 25, 2008 at 8:48 pm #

    A bit long again, but you gotta love a good conspiracy theory.

  9. KuhnKat June 25, 2008 at 11:23 pm #

    Rob N Hood,

    and the IAEA telling us that Iran will have the bomb in 6 months fits in how?

    You are pointing at Bilderberg for increased oil prices. You don’t think our own enviros suing the oil companies and preventing them from developing refineries and new energy sources might not have something to do with higher energy prices?? Or, is the environmental movement being financed by Soros and the Bilderbergs and other shady types?? Yup, that will definitely help out the fat cats!!

    Help us tear down the enviro movement and stop them!!

  10. Rob N. Hood June 26, 2008 at 2:02 pm #

    You are barking up the wrong tree as usual. Blaming nefarious Green groups is NOT a fringe conspiracy? Do you really think the Greens are THAT organized and powerful? Talk about tin-hat paranoia!

    So you think they’re going to bust open those offshore reserves that the tree-huggers have kept off limits to drilling…? Which has caused all these problems and high prices, eh?

    If only they could get their hands on more offshore leases and drill there we’d be in clover again. If that idea appeals to you and makes you want to hang onto that Ford Suburban you might want to check the facts:

    •Fact: 44 million acres of ocean are already leased for oil drilling without adding more areas.

    •Fact: some 10,000 drilling permits have already been issued, but are just being sat on by the oil companies that hold them.

    •Fact: the former Naval Oil Reserve in Alaska is open for drilling, has been drilled, but the wells are capped.

    It seems that oil companies are the real speculators. As long as future oil prices are projected to be higher than current prices they have no incentive to sell cheap now when they can sell dear later by just keeping these reserves off the market.

    What will oil companies do with new offshore leases if granted? Hmmm.
    And, should they begin the offshore drilling today, it would still take between 7 and ten years before the first drop of that oil hit a refinery.
    Another “solution” being pushed is to expand the number of nuclear plants. They’re gonna start plopping down new nuclear power plants like Jack In The Box franchises. Just don’t ask where they’re going to store all that new radioactive waste, because they haven’t a clue.

    Last week, Sen. John McCain dangled a $300-million carrot for anyone out there who can build a better battery. (That’s $100-million less than we are spending every day on the war in Iraq, which McCain supports.)

    Imagine if, five years ago, we’d spent the half the nearly $1 trillion we’ve wasted in Iraq on a “Manhattan Project” to develop clean, renewable energy. We’d not only already have that better battery but untold other oil-free energy spinoffs as well. That in turn would have actually lowered the price of gas and oil as oil producing countries scrambled to maintain market share.

    But, of course we didn’t. Instead McCain –and way too many Democrats — decided to secure America’s oil future by making Iraq safe for Exxon and Shell. Instead all we did was make Iraq safe for Iran.

  11. Dan McGrath June 26, 2008 at 11:10 pm #

    “They’re gonna start plopping down new nuclear power plants like Jack In The Box franchises. Just don’t ask where they’re going to store all that new radioactive waste, because they haven’t a clue.”

    Two words: Yucca Mountain.

  12. vince July 3, 2008 at 7:54 am #


    You don’t think the greenies have power? Try building an oil refinery…

    People have to realize that the problem with “big oil” is that they LOVE the greenies and the policies of restricted energy markets. It means more profits for them.

    A free market, with much fewer restrictions would allow Small Oil into the game and provide competition (and increased supplies) to the energy market – and reduce prices while allowing small investors a piece of the pie.

    Both the McRinos and the Marxist-Democrat Sky-is-falling Algoridiots are out to lunch on this, and just about every other issue.

    Word up, people – Freedom is the answer.

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