Pope Calls Global Warming Pandemonium "Scaremongering"

Pope Benedict XVI has issued a statement about moral implications of the global warming hysteria. He characterized the approach of some environmentalists as dangerously dogmatic and naturally prone to irresponsible sensationalism.  Read the entire translation of the Pope’s message from Libreria Editrice Vaticana here.Representing over one billion Catholics worldwide, Pope Benedict XVI stands as one of very few world leaders to challenge the reasoning behind the burgeoning green movement.  His courage in speaking out should cause much a needed worldwide civilized debate and discussion grounded in proven scientific research.

2 Responses to Pope Calls Global Warming Pandemonium "Scaremongering"

  1. patrick March 29, 2008 at 5:26 pm #

    NOW…how do you explain the pope’s decision to make pollution a sin? poor air quality? “pollution” is the main concern with global warming…deny the temperature issue around the world all you want. but how do you handle pollution issues in a more direct way without using global warming…that is, of course, if you don’t believe it’s a true issue. well, now pollution is a sin. no worries. just do a couple more of your hail marys and call it good! we humans don’t “really” have to change! so much easier.

  2. Paul August 21, 2008 at 2:24 pm #

    Thats all well and good Patrick – but us – the great masses or public – only contribute a small percentage of pollution compared to industry and it is us who have to pay for their sins.

    I do not believe co2 to be a pollutant and careful study of the fossil record shows that co2 has decreased naturally over time, just look in any textbook that shows the levels during the mesozoic and other similar periods and co2 decreases from huge concentrations – if the warmists had it their way these records I suspect would be destroyed as sacrilegious.

    As co2 according to the ipcc is a positive feedback mechanism then how is the non runaway decline on co2 during these historical periods explained?
    Not easily I would guess!

    As you say though humans are guilty of vast pollution in this planet and we should curb our out of control consumer ways to a more reasonable degree.
    This does not mean total change of lifestyles but a more considered approach to spending.

    For every tonne of waste we produce industry produces 70 tonnes while producing the said consumer goods (on average)

    No-one mentions the rain-forests anymore and what of the seanad industrial waste being pumped into it on an unprecedented scale.
    When government is in bed with big industry it only amounts to one thing and you’ll need to look up quotations from Benito Mussolini for that.

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