Is this what global warming looks like? Over 2000 new low temperature records set in October

by Anthony Watts

In the continental USA, there were 137 high temperature type records versus 857 low temperature type records this past week , a 6-1 difference. Last week there were 1154 low temperature type records putting the two week total for October at 2011. There were also 24 new snowfall records set this week in the upper plains.

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  • Where are all the people who posted their whiney posts this summer about the high temperature records. I’ll bet we don’t hear a peep out of them about this.

  • Heath Clarke

    More evidence that we don’t know what we don’t know. Better to develop policies for economic development based on what we do know versus conjecture that would increase poverty worldwide.

    • NEILIO

      Nice. I like that. As long as we know that there are things that we don’t know that we don’t know, it is much better than thinking that we know something that we really don’t. In this case it is obvious that the people who were pointing to high temperature records as evidence of AGW thought that they knew something that they did not know. And as I always like to point out is that the yearly record is an average. These new low temperature records have litterally washed those high temp records away, and in fact may skew the yearly average downward.

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