A Spotless Sun

Sun and EarthBy Alan Caruba

There’s a wonderful irony in the fact that, back in the 1970s, the Greens were issuing warnings and even writing books about the coming Ice Age. They would abandon this issue, based in well-known and accepted solar science, in favor of a vast international hoax alleging man-made global warming.

As the global warming hoax begins to lose its power to influence public opinion and policy, the Greens are not likely to be heeded for a long time to come because they were right about an Ice Age and lying through their teeth about global warming.

Scientists and laymen who follow the Ice Age cycles have been warning that, if not a full-fledged Ice Age, at the very least a Little Ice Age comparable to one that lasted from 1300 to around 1850 is on its way

Amidst all the media coverage of Hurricane Gustav and the Republican Convention, a report in DailyTech.com was not likely to get much attention, but it forecast a very cold world in the years to come. The Earth has already started to cool and scientists date the change from 1998.

Headlined, “Drop in solar activity has potential effect for climate on Earth”, the news is that, for the first time in 100 years, “an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.” The author, Michael Asher, noted that “The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity-which determines the number of sunspots-is an influencing factor for climate on Earth.”

My friend, Robert W. Felix, wrote an excellent book on this titled “Not by Fire, but by Ice” ($15.00, Sugarhouse Publishing, softcover, second edition) which can be purchased from his website at IceAgeNow.com.

“We’re beginning to realize that Earth is a violent and dangerous place to live,” wrote Felix. “We’re beginning to realize that mass extinctions have been the rule, rather than the exception, for the 3.5 billion years that life has existed on Earth.”

Felix has a new book soon to be published that addresses magnetic reversals, another cyclical factor affecting life on Earth. “During the last 4.5 million years, at least six out of nine radiolarian extinctions occurred at magnetic reversals.” They appear to be a factor in the sudden emergence of new species so Darwin’s theory is likely to be reexamined.

As the DailyTech report notes, “In the past 1000 years, three previous such events, the Dalton, Maunder, and Sporer Minimums,” of reduced sunspot activity, “have all led to rapid cooling,” adding that, “For a society dependent on agriculture, cold is more damaging than heat. The growing season shortens, yields drop, and the occurrence of crop-destroying frosts increases.”

An article by William Livingston and Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, “Sunspots May Vanish by 2015”, predicts that sunspots will disappear completely. “Such an event would not be unprecedented, since during a famous episode from 1645-1715, known as the Maunder Minimum…” That solar cycle “was shown to correspond with the reduced average global temperatures on the Earth.” In other words, it’s going to get COLD.

Read the rest of this piece at Right Side News.

2 Responses to A Spotless Sun

  1. Rob N. Hood September 21, 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    The House voted this week to pass an expansion of offshore drilling to allow companies to extract oil from coastal regions as little as 50 miles from the shoreline. Though they’ve been crying out for an expansion of offshore drilling for what seems like forever, Republicans still found a way to make Democrats look weak at the gas pump. They said that “experts” say all the good oil reserves are between three miles and 50 miles from the shore. And who are these experts? Why, it’s the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service, which was just revealed by the department’s inspector general to have engaged in drug use, gifts, and illicit sex with oil company executives.

    The Associated Press reported the story, but they did it backwards. Always looking for conflict and a news peg, they started out talking about the new bill and Republicans attacking Democrats, sneaking the sex and drugs in at the very end, after readers had fallen asleep or turned to the crossword puzzle.

    These are the “Oil experts” that some (conservatives) are still trying to make us believe are credible. Oh, wait! Despite all those facts about their behavior and crimes, we are to believe them anyway… just because.

  2. Dan McGrath September 22, 2008 at 10:26 am #

    That energy bill was garbage. A complete sham. Look. Pelosi, who said she’d never allow a vote on expanded drilling not only allowed a vote on it, she backs it. What does that tell you? The bill won’t actually increase domestic drilling. It’s a trick. One that’s all too often employed in Washington (and state legislatures) these days. They’re trying to pull a fast one on a sleepy American public. When people’s wallets are hurting, though, they wake up. I don’t think this one’s gonna fly.

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