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Global warming scientists forced to admit defeat… because of too much ice: Stranded Antarctic ship's crew will be rescued by helicopter

By Mia De Graaf and Hayley O’keeffe They went in search evidence of the world’s  melting ice caps, but instead a team of climate scientists have been forced to  abandon their mission … because the Antarctic ice is thicker than usual at this  time of year. The scientists have been stuck aboard the  stricken MV […]

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John C. Beale of the EPA

EPA Climate Policy Expert Sentenced To 32 Months For Fraud

Used time off to read about ways to ‘fine tune the capitalist system’ By Michael Isikoff – The EPA’s highest-paid employee and a leading expert on climate change was sentenced to 32 months in federal prison Wednesday for lying to his bosses and saying he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan so he could […]

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South Park Terrorist

How climate change is helping Al Qaeda

By Tristan McConnell and Nick Loomis NAIROBI, Kenya and GAO, Mali—  The Sahel is an environmentally fragile zone that stretches across Africa just south of the Sahara desert. To get a better idea of how climate change can worsen conflict there, GlobalPost spoke with three experts on the topic: Drew Sloan of energy efficiency company […]

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Kevin Anderson, the Smelly Professor

Global warming professor Kevin Anderson ‘cuts back on washing and showering’ to fight climate change – Admits at UN climate summit: ‘That is why I smell’ – Defends his call for ‘a planned economic recession’

Morano to Anderson: ‘And you really believe that [not bathing] is going to help people avoid typhoons?’ Anderson defended his advocacy of ‘a planned economic recession’ to combat man-made global warming By Marc Morano Kevin Anderson, a professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre […]

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Norwegian soldiers

Norwegian army goes Vegetarian… to fight Global Warming

By Michael Bastasch Norway’s military is taking drastic steps to ramp up its war against global warming. The Scandinavian country announced its soldiers would be put on a vegetarian diet once a week to reduce the military’s carbon footprint. “Meatless Monday’s” has already been introduced at one of Norway’s main military bases and will soon […]

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Climate Week Kicks off in NYC

Via Weasel Zippers – “Yeah. This is a thing. I swear,” opines Weasel Zippers. Climate Week NYC, marking its 5th anniversary in 2013, is the global summit that has become a key event on the international climate change calendar; it is a meeting point for leading governments, investors, businesses, innovators and opinion formers. It was […]

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Letter: Depressing U.S. lifestyle complicit in global warming

Dear Editor: In Germany, President Obama announced he’s making global warming a priority in his second term. He’d almost be believable if he didn’t have a track record of big talk and no follow-through. So forget Obama. Since it is you who are complicit in creating global warming, get off your butt and do something […]

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